Marijuana Grow Kit

Grow Your Own Medical Marijuana Today!

Each medical marijuana grow kit includes 10 Feminized Seeds! Grow in your Basement, Garage, Spare Room or Closet. Growing marijuana is a wonderful hobby and its easy. Get started today!

Indoor Grow Kits

A Marijuana grow kit that is perfect for your basement, garage or closet. Have fun growing and save your money.

Seeds Included

Each grow kit includes 10 feminized seeds for you to get started today.

Is It Legal To Grow Marijuana?

Have a read through a discussion of the different laws around cultivation in Canada, the USA and Internationally.

Marijuana Growing FAQs

Its pretty simple to grow two, three or four plants with our marijuana grow kits. Have a read through the growing FAQs today.

Marijuana Seeds

Buy feminized female marijuana seeds. Choose from Sativa, Indica’s and Hybrid strains.

Seed Germation

Learn all about germinating your marijuana seeds with these easy-to-follow instructions!

Why Grow Marijuana In Canada?

Growing marijuana is a fun hobby for many Canadians, and a wonderful social experience. You get to watch this beautiful cannabis plant grow and flourish! With lots of love and care she will offer you beautiful marijuana buds. No more waiting for online orders. No more trips to the dispensary. Oh, and of course remember the money you can save by growing marijuana in your home!!

All-In-One Marijuana Grow Kit Including Seeds!

Each grow kit comes with everything you need to start growing your own marijuana in Canada today, including feminized seeds. You can read through our articles on How To Grow Marijuana and Seed Germination and learn about nutrients and fertilizers for your beautiful marijuana plants. All grown in the comfort of your own home.

Quality Grow Kits Built To Last

We source quality parts suited to the home grower. Our marijuana grow kits are easy to assembly, requiring little technical knowledge. Many of our clients describe out kits as literally Plug-and-Play. Additionally you also have a great resource to come back to when you want to learn more about how easy it can be to grow potent marijuana in your own home. Below please find a sample of the quality parts used to make marijuana grow kits.

Shipped From Canada

All marijuana grow kits ordered from this site include feminized marijuana seeds and are legally able to ship anywhere in Canada.

Orders will be shipped from our factory in Trenton, Ontario.

If you are looking for information on international orders please contact us.

Home Grown Testimonials

“Perfect Kit, perfect service. It took me a few hours to fully assembly this kit in my garage. Its the perfect size, the parts and pieces all fit together easily and now I have a fun hobby!”

“I love this grow kit. So easy to install in my basement, and its clean and simple to use. If you like the green and you want to grow your own marijuana, buy this kit!”

“Wow, I really had no idea it would be this easy to grow my own buds. I am saving a lot of money each month with this kit, and I love my buds. Thanks!”

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