Drying and Curing

Learn proper drying and curing techniques

How To Marijuana Grow – Drying & Curing Methods

Now that your plants are past the flushing and cutting stages. It is time to implement some proper drying and curing techniques. Proper drying and curing techniques will ensure the ultimate taste and potency of your buds. Improper techniques will lead to bland marijuana, that smells like hay.

There are 3 tricks to protecting the precious terpenes on the bud:

Dry slowly.

Although it is possible to fast dry your marijuana buds. Fast drying techniques leave lightweight, bland buds. While drying slowly secures the taste, weight and smell of the buds.

Ensure good air circulation.

Good air circulation is crucial when drying your buds. Without good air circulation your buds run the risk of developing mold and other funguses. Mold and funguses not only tarnish the flavour of the buds. But may also ruin the entire bud. Mold is NOT safe to smoke. If your buds develop mold. It is best to throw them away. Ensure good circulation as to not destroy all your hard work!

Cure for 2-4 weeks.

Thorough curing of the buds after drying brings out the terpenes and delivers extraordinary taste.


Drying Marijuana

To dry your marijuana, hang each of your freshly cut branches upside down by string from the roof or from coat hangers in your drying room. Your drying room should be dark, and have plenty of clean, fresh air. Excellent ventilation is crucial at this stage. A fan will assist, but you will want to make sure that the fan is not pointing directly at the plants. But rather is situated so that it circulates air around the room. Adequate spacing around the branches allows for air to circulate, deterring the growth of mold.

Applying heat to the plants will result in your plants drying faster. But this is not always the best option. An ambient room temperature should be sufficient. Keep an eye on your drying plants, inspecting them regularly. Rotate your plants periodically so that the air flow may reach all areas of the buds.

The drying process may take anywhere from a few days, to a couple of weeks. Though the average time is about a week. A good sign that your marijuana is finished the drying state is when the branches and stems crack between your fingers rather than bend. Your marijuana is now dried and ready for the final process of curing once it has been trimmed.


Trimming Marijuana

After your marijuana has dried, it is time to begin the trimming process. Above all, the method in which you trim your buds is up to you. A pair of clean, sharp scissors will aid your trimming experience vastly. Dull, dirty scissors will make the trimming process longer and more difficult.

You will want to handle the buds as little as possible, and also as gently as you can. Unnecessary handling will wind up in trichomes falling off the buds.

Use your clean, sharp scissors to chop off any leaves that are covering the buds. After trimming, do not throw out the leftover trimmings. Collect these if you wish to make edibles with at a later time!


Curing Marijuana

After trimming your marijuana, you will want to place the individual buds in clean glass jars. Plastic jars and bags will suffice, but you will not get the same results as using glass jars. During the first week or two that the buds are in the jars, you will want to open the jars twice a day for 15 minutes. Opening the jars allows the plants to “breathe”, swapping the existing air with fresh air and releasing any moisture that has built up in the jar.

After curing your buds are ready to smoke! Note that different strains will require different curing times. When you cure your buds, you will actually find it makes all the difference and your buds get even better! Ensure all the solid work you put into the growing and harvesting process of your marijuana isn’t for nothing. Cure your buds!

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