How To Grow Marijuana In Your Home

Learn the best tips and tricks to grow marijuana in your home.

The Different Life Stages Of Your Cannabis Plants

Seed Germination

Germination is the initial growth step for your marijuana seeds. When following the germination method meticulously, your seeds should germinate successfully. Developing into healthy, supreme bud producing plants! Marijuana seeds require 3 things to germinate successfull!

Seedling Stage

The next stage following germination is the seedling stage. The seedlings are incredibly fragile, so immense care must be taken when handling them. It is also extremely important that after germination, you do not touch the seed or root with your fingers. Use a pair of tweezers very gently instead.

Vegetative Stage

Each seedling has a different vegetation time associated with its strain. A seed option is the auto-flowering variety that have a very short vegetative state regardless of their environment. This is attributed to their breeding method, as they are bred to begin flowering after a set amount of time.

Flowering Stage

Similar to the vegetative stage, the flowering stages time may vary depending on the strain being grown. The average flowering time is 2-3 months. However some may take as little as one month, while others 4 months. During this stage the buds or “flowers” will flourish at the nodes of the plant.

Nutrient Schedule

There are endless options of fertilizers and nutrients available for aiding in the growth and development of your Marijuana plants. Ultimately, the type of fertilizer you use can either assist in your plants flourishing or aid in its downfall. Happy, flourishing plants demand premium nourishments with key ingredients.


Congratulations, you have made it through the growing stages of your marijuana plants lives. The next step is determining if your plants are ready to begin harvesting. Please be aware, the following steps ensure optimal taste and overall potency of your harvest. 

Drying and Curing

Now that your plants are past the flushing and cutting stages. It is time to implement some proper drying and curing techniques. Proper drying and curing techniques will ensure the ultimate taste and potency of your buds. Improper techniques will lead to bland marijuana, that smells like hay.

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