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How To Marijuana Grow – The Seed Germination

Paper Towel/Water Glass Germination – Quick Method


Step 1

Remove marijuana seeds from package into a glass containing either distilled, spring or rain water. Allow the seeds to soak for 14-18 hours. Seeds will fall to the bottom of the glass. However should they not, simply tap them gently and they will fall to the bottom as well.


Step 2

Once the soaking period has ended, carefully pour the seeds and water onto a plate layered with paper towel. Drain any excess water.


Step 3

Fold one end of the paper towel over the other, completely encasing the seeds and transfer the plate into a warm, dark location.


Step 4

Ensure that the paper towel remains well saturated throughout the germination process. Routinely check your cannabis seeds for the taproot that will soon form.


Step 5

The marijuana seeds will be ready to be planted once the taproot reaches a length of ¼-¾ inches. This typically takes anywhere between 3-7 days, however can take up to 2 weeks.


Marijuana Seed Germination Procedure

Germination is the initial growth step for your marijuana seeds. When following the germination method meticulously, your seeds should germinate successfully. Developing into healthy, supreme bud producing plants! Marijuana seeds require 3 things to germinate successfully:


Once the taproot breaks out of the seed shell, it will immediately require an adequate water source to begin flourishing.


Plant roots thrive in darkness, for this reason the seeds will need darkness to begin their growth process!


Similar to other living things, roots grow best when they are warm and comfortable. 24 degrees celcius or 75 degrees fahrenheit is an ideal temperature.


Scuffing Option

Customers have the option to scuff their seed shells with a fine sandpaper of about 60-200 grit. When you scuff the shell, you allow the water to soak more quickly through the shell. Ultimately jump starting the germination process. The simplest method to scuff your seeds is to take a piece of fine sandpaper, roll it up into a tube (rough side in). Place one finger on one end, and into the open end, drop a couple seeds in. Place your other finger on the remaining open end and shake about 20 times.  


What You’ll Need

To start the Paper Towel/Water Glass Germination – Quick Method, you’ll need a couple items you probably already have in your home!

  • Paper Towel. (Thick, non bleached or perfumed brand)
  • Distilled, spring or rain water. (Do not use tap water)
  • 8oz glass or cup.
  • A plastic, or glass dinner plate. (Do not use styrofoam)
  • Tweezers. (Do not touch the germinated seeds with your hands)

Step 1

Ensure you have your distilled, spring or rain water at room temperature. About 20-25 degrees celcius or about 68-77 degrees fahrenheit. Pour some water into your 8oz glass or cup. Take your seeds out of their container and place them into the water. Add no more than 5 seeds to each glass. Also use separate paper towel/dinner plates per each 5 seeds!

Once the seeds have soaked for a couple hours, carefully tap the seeds with the top of your finger. The tapped seeds should descend to the bottom of the glass. Should any seeds not descend, leave them for an hour or two longer and carefully tap them again.

Your marijuana seeds should have all descended to the bottom of the glass within the first few hours in the water. Fully submerged seeds are safe from any dust or particles that may settle on the top of the water. After all the seeds have have settled at the bottom of the glass, leave the glass in a warm, dark place for 14-18 hours. (Seeds should not sit in water for longer than 18 hours).


Step 2

Once the seeds have been fully submerged for 14-18 hours, pour the water onto your plate layered with folded paper towel. The seeds will come out with the water and the water should fully saturate the paper towels on the plate. Very carefully drain off any extra water. Paper towel should be damp. Not soaked. Using your tweezers, arrange the seeds 1 inch apart around the middle of the paper towel. Spacing the seeds out ensures the taproots do not get tangled as they grow. After you may fold the paper towel sides over the seeds, but do not press down. Just fold the sides gently over the seeds.


Step 3

Next you will transfer the plate to a room temperature dark space. You will need to ensure that the paper towel is kept moist. Regularly checking the dampness of the paper towel every couple of hour is necessary. If the paper towel is drying out, simply sprinkle the paper towel or spray with a spray bottle filled with either distilled, spring or rain water.

Step 4

The marijuana seeds generally take 7 days to establish a good taproot. However some seeds could take up to 2 weeks. The marijuana seeds will be ready to be planted once the taproot reaches a length of ¼-¾ inches. Check up on your seeds and the development of their taproots several times a day. Be very careful that you do not touch the fragile new growth though.


Should Your Seeds Not Germinate..

There could be a number of factors of why your seeds did not germinate, even if you follow the guide meticulously. Seeds are a 100% natural product, and some seeds may not germinate. Reasons include but are not limited to;

  • The water had additives.
  • The seeds were not soaked long enough.
  • The paper towel dried out.
  • The paper towel was too wet.
  • The room was too warm.
  • The seeds were past their point.

Should you have followed the steps meticulously and your seeds did not germinate. Place the seeds back into some water, let them soak until you see the shell crack. And then repeat steps 2 and forward. This is a last try method and is not guaranteed.

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