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How To Marijuana Grow – Fertilizers and Nutrients

A nutrient schedule for your plants is essential. There are endless options of fertilizers and nutrients available for aiding in the growth and development of your Marijuana plants. Ultimately, the type of fertilizer you use can either assist in your plants flourishing or aid in its downfall. Happy, flourishing plants demand premium nourishments with key ingredients. How you obtain these fertilizers is completely up to you. You can either visit your local garden centre or you may decide to make the fertilizer on your own. The option is yours, but a nutrient schedule is key!


Homemade VS Professional

Now be that as it may, the option to make your own nutrients or buy pre-made is up to you. However, it is recommended that you purchase the pre-made mixtures as they are formulated to have all the necessary nutrients your marijuana plant will need. Bear in mind that every plant will also have an array of needs.

By purchasing professional products, the mixtures are prepared in such a manner that a chemical reaction from improperly incorporated nutrients is avoided. Balancing the necessary ratios needed for your plants health is difficult for beginners, so professional mixtures is advised. 

Before you even start thinking about fertilizers. You will need to decide what you want your growing medium to be: Soil or Hydroponics. Now that you have decided what your growing medium is. You are able to pick the appropriate fertilizer and/or nutrients for that system. Some products are interchangeable, and may be used in both systems. However some products are only good for the one specific system. 

Warning – Please stay away from products highlighting “slow release” or “extended” as these products are intended for regular plants and will cause harm to marijuana plants.


Soil Fertilizers

Soil grown Marijuana plants are generally ruined by beginner growers not from the act of over or under fertilizing techniques. But from improper watering techniques. To put it plainly, most newbies will overwater their plants.


Proper Watering Techniques


  • The top inch of soil should feel dry.
  • Include nutrients to the water while watering.
  • Flush with plain water every 10-14 days to avoid nutrient lockout.
  • Ensure an additional 20% of water drains from the pot each watering.
  • Repeat steps.

Be mindful that you have chosen the right fertilizer and added the appropriate amount of nutrients. The following fertilizers appropriate for Marijuana plants that are grown in soil.


Perlite and Vermiculite Fertilizers

Perlite and Vermiculite are both commercial fertilizers. The minerals are heated and then become porous, creating white pellets that retain air. And have the ability to absorb almost 4 times their own weight in water. Aiding assistance that your soil will never become tough lumps when dry.

Minerals in this mixture naturally create calcium, magnesium and potassium. In time becoming becoming absorbed into the soil. Adding to the nutrients available.

Should you choose a hydroponic medium, Perlite or Vermiculite is added to a mixture of 50% fertilizer, with water and/or peat moss.  


Fox Farms Trio

Fox Farms Trio is an excellent choice for newbie growers. This dynamic trio provides all the necessary nutrients needed for any strain, never needing more! Available for both Hydroponic and Soil systems, you will want to ensure that you picked up the appropriate bottles for your system.

By following the instructions on the trio of bottles, Fox Farms is really all you need to make your marijuana bloom! You may even be able to purchase, “Grow Big”, “Tiger Big” and “Big Bloom” as a complete set!


Wood Ashes

Perhaps you live in an area that has highly acidic water. Even too acidic for happy marijuana plants to flourish. You may balance out the acidity in the water by adding plain wood ashes to offset the acids. All you would need to do is mix a shovel full of wood ashes to each 5 gallons of water that you are adding to the soil.


Bergmans Plant Food

Bergmans Plant Food is an all around fantastic product as it ensures you have a well balanced mix of nutrients.

Healthy and happy marijuana plants have a specific nutrient plan of 3 important elements to establish strong roots, vivid flowers and large harvests: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. (NPK) Each has their roles to play, Nitrogen for supporting healthy generations of leaves and Phosphorus assisting in the development of buds. However once the plants mature, they will need new nutrients introduced.

Take note whether or not your growing indoors or outdoors. Plants that are grown indoors generally can not handle full strength fertilizers/nutrients. You will notice that your plants leaves are drooping due to shock should this happen. Providing your plants with ¼-½ of the recommended does will suffice.

Although adding nutrients to the water everytime you water is not necessary, you may choose to, but remember to flush with plain water to halt any nutrient blocks. You can water indoor plants twice a week, while outdoor plants will vary as they are subject to fresh air and root freedom.



Surely not every growers first thought. But using compost to grow your marijuana plants is actually very beneficial to the growing crop. Animal poop and leftover food are full of healthy, organic nutrients. When they decompose, they nutrients return back to the soil. This is nature’s fertilizer.

It may take up to 3 months for your compost to start decomposing. But once it does, start on your new compost right away. Compost piles must be mixed/prodded with a pitchfork daily. This is not only to kickstart the decomposing and incorporate everything together. But also to halt spontaneous combustion. When heat is created from the microbes feeding off the decomposing material, dries and pressure is applied, it may catch fire.


C02 Bomb

Vinegar/baking soda bombs are best used for small indoor, grow rooms. (Best to keep ventilation to a minimum when using a c02 bomb you don’t want breezes blowing away your c02) Also, you don’t want an unwanted vinegar smell floating around. This is unwanted attention called upon yourself.

To create a c02 bomb you will need an environment that halts any c02 from leaving. This can be done by placing a huge plastic bag gently over the plant, as you don’t want it to bend. But also long enough that it touches the ground. Next place an open plastic jar or container standing upright under the bag with 1 quarter baking soda inside it under the bag. Lift the bags hem so that only part lifts up, and add 1 tablespoon of vinegar to the plastic jar or container you are using. Add just enough that it starts to fizz, then cover the plant again.

After approximately 15 minutes, you may go ahead and add another tablespoon of vinegar. You want the two to be blended together, so go ahead and mix the two with a stick if they are not. The bag with the c02 bomb needs to stay on for at least 4 hours. This ensures that each your whole plant is completely engulfed. There is no such thing as too much c02 for your marijuana plant. So go ahead and repeat these steps as you see fit.



Dyna-Gro is an ideal, all around fertilizer for marijuana plants. Especially ideal for those on a budget. Excellent for either hydro or soil operations, Dyna-Gro is available in “Grow” or the “Bloom” formula. Grow for the vegetative state, and Bloom for the flowering. However you may use them for the entire growing cycle. Just follow the instructions!


Vinegar-baking soda Generator c02

It probably comes as no surprise to you. Plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Hence why c02 is an excellent addition to growing marijuana plants. You may create carbon dioxide with the aid of white vinegar 

You can obtain a vinegar-baking soda generator c02 by taking a bowl filled with baking soda (1 litre in size) and slowly dripping white vinegar into the 1 litre bowl. When the two meet, there is a chemical reaction, leaving the two inactive and generating an abundance of carbon dioxide.

An easy option is to create your own “IV drip”, like at a hospital. Fill up a bottle with vinegar, wrap duct tape around it and hang it over a bowl filled halfway with baking soda. Take a small nail and poke a hole into the lid of the vinegar bottle allowing the vinegar to slowly drip into the bowl under it.


Hydroponics Fertilizers

There are quite a few growers who stand by using a hydroponic medium to grow their marijuana plants. Hydroponics is done without the addition of any soil, as the roots grow in water. This method keeps your hydroponics system clean and will not cause blocks from loose particles.


General Hydroponics FloraDuo

General Hydroponics FloraDuo is a superb choice for anyone looking for a two bottle nutrient option for their hydroponics system. The first bottle has high Nitrogen content, while the second has higher Phosphorus and Potassium content. With FloraDuo you will learn valuable information about the different stages of your plants life cycles and the nutrients needed to help it flourish. A PH of 5.5-6.5 assures happy, healthy plants!



Advanced Nutrients (Grow, Micro, Bloom)

Advanced Nutrients is an excellent choice as a source of nutrients for your hydroponically grown marijuana. However, it is on the expensive side. If this is not an option, don’t fret. You do not need expensive products to grow fantastic marijuana plants!


General Hydroponics Flora Series Nutrient Trio

Advanced Nutrients; Grow, Micro and Bloom are an epic trio for beginner and experienced growers alike. A bonus feature is they sell a “performance pack”. This pack contains everything you need to start growing, even a PH testing kit!


Botanicare Nutrition

Botanicare Nutrition is a nutrient system you should only use if you are an experienced grower. This formula allows the user to play with the calcium and nitrogen levels. Botanicare was made to be modified, following the instructions to a T may not give you the best results. So if you are not comfortable with experimenting with the different nutrient levels, try a different product.


Root pH

Adequate and consistent monitoring of your Root pH level is necessary for defending your plant against nutrient problems. Don’t worry about getting it right on a number, just within the appropriate ranges is perfect. If your Root pH level is off, your plant cannot absorb the vital nutrients it needs.

Before you water your plants, check the pH level. By checking the PH before water, you are aware of what the plant needs and won’t give it too much or too little. You can purchase a pH testing kit from your garden centre or hydroponic grow centre. And as stated previously, some kits come with a pH kit already!

Check out the appropriate pH range for both soil and hydroponic mediums:

Soil pH: 5.8-6.5

Hydroponics pH: 5.5-6.5


When to Stop Fertilizing

Unfortunately, there is not definite time to stop fertilizing your marijuana plant. Each grower has their preferred method, you will learn your preference over time. Some choose to fertilize their plants up until harvesting time, while others refrain from using fertilizers days and even weeks before.

In most cases, soil grown plants will cease the use of nutrients earlier than hydroponically grown plants will. Feed your plants for both the flowering and blooming stages for the first couple of weeks of each process. Use your judgement and begin flushing your plants system about 2 weeks prior to harvest.

The only reason you should incorporate more nutrients is if the leaves at the base of your plant begin to yellow. (Please note that the leaves at the base will turn yellow at the end of the flowering stage, this is normal!)

Keep in mind that the buds taste is affected by fertilizers. If you use too much. Your marijuana will taste off. Whatever the bottle states, start off with half that. If you see the plant is malnourished, then you may increase the amount gradually.


Increase Nutrient Levels

You should only increase the nutrient levels if your plant really needs it. Over feeding your plants will burn the leaves, causing irreversible damages. Sadly there is nothing that can be done and your plants leaves will be burnt forever. Use caution.

As stated previously, seeing yellow leaves at the base of your plant at the end of the flowering stage is ok! The only time that you need to address yellow leaves is at the early stages of development. Make sure that there are enough leaves on your plant to make it to harvest!

Nutrient burn is a guaranteed sign that you have used too many nutrients. If you over nutrient your plant while the buds are forming, this may lead to burns on the sugar leaves. The actual buds may be fine, but they will look rough at harvesting time. If you see the tips of the leaves turning brown, ease up on the nutrients.

It can not be stressed enough, when using nutrients, only use half the recommended dosage. Every strain is different, and some cannot handle nutrient burn. Typically the only people that will need to up their nutrients are those with fast-growing plants and very bright lights.

Hydroponically Grown Plants

Plants grown hydroponically can test the PPM (Parts Per Million) of their water to determine exactly what your plants need. Growers who choose to water their plants by hand may measure the PPM from the run-off water at the bottom. And also the PPM of the water going in. When you measure the PPM of the runoff water as well, new nutrients have been added from up top so you can notice fairly easy the pH difference should there be one.

Say you notice that the PPM has increased, this indicates that there may be a surplus of nutrients now. That being said, if the PPM decreases, this is a sign that you need to increase the nutrient supply to your plants because they are absorbing so many nutrients, they’re not leaving anything behind.

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