The Seedling Stage

Following Germination

How To Marijuana Grow – The Seedling Stage

The next stage following germination is the seedling stage. The seedlings are incredibly fragile, so immense care must be taken when handling them. Should you have followed the soil-less method of germinating your seeds. (Outlined in Marijuana Seed Germination Guide) Once the seeds taproot is approximately 1 cm long, you will then need to plant the seeds in either soil or a hydroponic medium should you be using one.

It is extremely important that after germination, you do not touch the seed or root with your fingers. Use a pair of tweezers very gently instead. As well, you must avoid having the seedling in light for any amount of time. When planting the seedling, ensure that the root is facing down in the soil or hydroponic medium.

Should you be planning on transferring your marijuana plant to a large pot once the have begun  growing. It’s highly recommended to plant your seeds in a plastic cup first. This way when it’s time to transfer them to a large pot, you can easily cut the cup, exposing the soil but not disturbing the root system that has started. Consequently not stressing your new plants which is the goal.


Planting in Soil

To plant your seedling into soil, first you will want to make a hole, approximately twice as deep as the seed is long. (1-2 cm below surface) Should you plant your seedling deeper, the leaves on your plant will take longer to reach the surface. Consequently not getting the light it needs to flourish.

Similar to the germination process, you will want the hole your seedling is going in to be moist. Once you have placed the seedling root down in the soil, water sparingly before covering it gently with soil  After the seedling has been planted however, wait for the top of the soil to dry out before watering. If you do not wait you run the risk of drowning your seed.


Planting in Hydroponic Medium

If you prefer to grow your marijuana soilless growing mediums, there are numerous options for you! One such option is the prepared cubes. These cubes have a hole already situated in the center that you may place the germinated seed in. These cubes are also fitting for seeds, pre-germination.

It should be noted that some of these cubes may be planted in soil as they will break down. Other options like the rockwool (stone wool), will not break down. They will need to be rinsed well before use, this is to lower the existing high PH levels. Vermiculite, a beneficial mineral may be sprinkled over the seedlings once they have been planted in the hydroponic medium in lieu of soil.


Following Planting

Following germination and after planting the seedlings comes the vegetative state lighting ratio. In this state plants are kept in light for 18 hours, followed by 6 hours of complete darkness.

Should the plants be moving outside once they have grown a bit, you will want to acclimate them to their new living arrangement by moving them to a window sill. The use of high intensity lights when they will be in natural light will only damage the plant later on.

Plants grown inside, will require the light to be situated 2 feet above the soil throughout their growing cycle. The lights will need to be raised as the plants grow. The only exception to this rule is fluorescent lights, they may be kept closer as they will not burn the plant.


Initial Two Weeks After Germination

Approximately 2 weeks after germination and planting, you will be able to see the marijuana plants tiny head peeking out from the soil or hydroponic medium. If you do not see the head, patience. Your plant may take a little bit longer to grow, but this is in no way means that you should disturb your plant by searching in the dirt for the growth.

Seedlings planted in soil should begin to have nutrients added to the soil around the third week. Seedlings planted in a sterile hydroponics medium will want their nutrients to be adding around the second week.

Initially, when your seeds first sprout. They won’t bear the familiar serrated leaves we all have come to associate marijuana with. These initial leaves are called the cotyledons and they are smooth-edged. Following the cotyledons will be leaves we all recognize as our favourite!


Germination Tips

Purchase your seeds from reliable sources. Cheap seeds and lower quality seeds are less likely to flourish in the germination stage.

Marijuana seeds are available in a wide range of colours. However seeds in a dark brown colour have a greater chance of germination. Pale green or white seeds may not germinate, nonetheless you should still try before discarding them.

A few growers have a belief that if a seed is not hard (can’t be crushed between your fingers) than its chance of germinating is better. This is not necessarily true. So again, attempt to germinate any and all seeds for a higher success rate.

Occasionally, following the germination and planting, the little stem growing from the seedling is white and appears that it’s the root. This in fact may just be the early stalk. Leave the seedling alone and let it develop some more.

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