Vegetative Stage

Growing marijuana, where patience is tested.

How To Marijuana Grow – The Vegetative Stage

The marijuana vegetative state may last just a short time, for example one week. Or it may last as long as 6 months. Marijuana grown indoors, where you may manipulate and control the environment, the vegetative stage may last 4-8 weeks. Following the vegetative state is the flowering stage. This stage may be introduced through a change of lighting, and lasts for about 40-90 days.

Each seedling has a different vegetation time associated with its strain. A seed option is the auto-flowering variety that have a very short vegetative state regardless of their environment. This is attributed to their breeding method, as they are bred to begin flowering after a set amount of time.

Sativa dominant strains have the ability to triple in size once flowering begins, aiding in a short vegetative state but supplying a smaller yield at harvest time. Indica dominant strains do not tend to grow much after the flowering stage, so they may spend more time in the vegetative stage to aid encourage a larger yield at harvest time.

Regardless of debate, the vegetative state is one of importance. During this time the structural frame of the plant has time to develop and flourish. Your plant is growing from the bottom up and needs this time to develop a strong root system and stem so that it may support the plant later on. A strong base system will support the plant in many ways ultimately yielding bigger, more potent buds!


Managing the Marijuana Vegetative State

The first and foremost important part of the vegetative state is light supply. Plants are kept in this vegetative state through the allowance of light  and limit of darkness in a day. There is one exception to this rule and that is auto-flowering varieties. Auto-flowering varieties, regardless of light, enter the flowering stage after 2-3 weeks.

To ensure your plants are kept in the vegetative state, the amount of time spent in complete darkness must be limited. Anywhere between 18-24 hours of light a day is advised. As you get more experienced, you will find your growing preference/style and may also get accustomed to a specific strains needs.

Marijuana plants will not flower as long as they have more light than darkness. Another factor in the length of time your plants are in darkness is the cost of electricity. High intensity lights on for 24 hours a day will get costly. Most growers will suggest keeping your plants on a timer to ensure that they get a consistent amount of light/darkness in the vegetative state.

The strength of the lights used during the vegetative state will directly affect the growth of the plants during this time. Marijuana plants thrive in direct sunlight, hence the more powerful the light is, the better the results will be. Marijuana plants grown inside will see growth encouragement from blue spectrum lights. However full spectrum lights sufficient for the vegetative state.

Managing the heat inside your grow room is extremely important. If your grow room gets too hot, this could lead to growth retardation. Leaving you with a sad bud yield. The ideal temperature during sunlight hours is 70-75 degrees fahrenheit. While night time may be a lower temperature of 60-70 degrees fahrenheit. Lights are an obvious addition to the heat factor in the room. Assure your lights and plants are always a distance of 2 feet apart, as to not burn the growing plant.


Flowering Begins with the Vegetative State

Although these points begin in the vegetative state, they have the same importance in the flowering stage. So begin implementing them into your vegetative stage and continue them throughout the flowering stage.


A sufficient level of humidity is required for marijuana plants to flourish. A humidity of 75% is sufficient for the plants to develop a nice layer of resin. Resin is the tacky, sparkling liquid that progresses on the buds and leaves of the marijuana plant.

Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide

Bear in mind that the leaves of the marijuana plant breath in c02, while the roots of the plant will breath air. Hence why both are necessary for a healthy, growing plant. Fans are also necessary as they help circulate the air, as well circulating heat generated by the lamps away from the plants. Keep in mind that small grow rooms do not require excess c02, but larger rooms may require a c02 machine.


Whether or not you choose a soil based or hydroponics method of growing your marijuana. An appropriate PH level should be maintained always. A slightly acidic PH level between 5.8-6.5 is ideal for growing strong, healthy plants.

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